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His passion for the quality and seasonal product runs in the family. His mother was from Castellnou d’Olugues, close to Cervera. There is where Marc was able to experiment the pleasure of eating freshly picked vegetables or a recently slaughtered pork. That closeness to nature since birth was what awoke his interest in cooking.

He began his career in “Rincón de Pepe” (Murcia) about 25 years ago, when the restaurant already had two Michelin stars. And it was the same Raimundo González who taught him with his passion to always look for the best product.

Marc Roca completed his training working with high level chefs such as Carles Gaig from the restaurant “Gaig”, Lluís Cruañas from “Dorado Petit” and Loles from “Can Boix” … And soon, with only 23 years old, he created the first Blau in Begur ; a small local “dishes” and great tastings, standard of Marc’s kitchen and professional refuge for 8 years.

Gourmets describe the cuisine of Marc Roca as a terroir, with regional meals that are sometimes highly evolved, but always looking for the base product to come out above the mixes made by the chefs.