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Blau BCN

Blue is the color of Blau BCN restaurant. A color that symbolizes trust and sympathy… And with sea flavour; origin of the first Blau, located in a fishing village from Costa Brava.

In the kitchen, the chef Marc Roca prioritizes the raw material, introducing small changes in typical recipes, subtle combinations, which are perceptible by the palate and do not require much manipulation of the product. He is not a fan of big transformations, but for the top quality product.

The atmosphere of this restaurant depends on each one. Reflecting the philosophy of its creator, open to informal or relaxed meals or dinners, but also to business meetings or formal events.

Blau BCN offers a midday formula that changes every week, it also have a menu that includes suggestions of the day, based on seasonal products. It has an extensive wine and champagne list, and has a private room with capacity for 14 people, perfect for group celebrations.